Eli terror attack detainees released

Youth detained at Yitzhar Junction; Photo credit: Honenu

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 12:44 Overnight, Honenu Attorneys Nati Rom, Assaf Gonen, and Vered Levi assisted nine demonstrators detained at various locations in Yehuda and Shomron while protesting the terror attack in Eli. At a protest at Yitzhar Junction, four minors were detained. Additional adults and minors were detained near Ma’aleh Levona, Kiryat Arba, and other locations. Protesters at Yitzhar Junction reported that the police and the border police served traffic tickets to drivers at the site as a means of dispersing the protest. Making a reference to the anti-judicial reform demonstrations on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv, the protesters asked the officers, “Do you hand out tickets to the protesters on Kaplan also?”

Two of the Yehuda and Shomron residents detained yesterday (Tuesday) at demonstrations protesting the terror attack in Eli have been released. One of them was released from the police station with the assistance of Attorney Gonen. The other was represented by Attorney Rom and released at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court.

Attorney Rom stated, “My client did not commit the act attributed to him. I am pleased that the court accepted our claims and released him. I suggest that the security forces concentrate their energy on gathering weapons from terrorists and returning quiet to the Yehuda and Shomron regions.” Attorney Gonen added, “I welcome the decision by the investigating unit that realized that my client did not commit any crime.”

Protest at Yitzhar Junction: “Do you hand out tickets to the protesters on Kaplan also?”; Video credit: Honenu

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