Family compensated 45,000 NIS for terror attack

Screenshot, baby car seat with glass shards; Video credit: Ofer Ohana

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 8:52 Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who has been assisting the family: “In this case as in other cases we are handling, the power that victims of terror have came into play. Despite difficulties with evidence in the case, the steadfast stance of the victims led to each terrorist being forced to pay 15,000 NIS in compensation and to receiving a significant sentence of close to four years’ imprisonment. We will continue to work together with victims of terror to insist that terrorists, minors as well as adults, are more severely penalized. Terror must be beaten by all legal means.”
In plea bargain agreements, the Ofer Military Court in Yehuda handed down sentences to three members of a terror cell who injured an infant. One of the terrorists was charged with aggravated assault and throwing rocks at a moving vehicle. All three received a sentence of approximately four years’ imprisonment and payment of 15,000 NIS in compensation to the family, bringing the total compensation to 45,000 NIS. The decision stated that the penalty of a long prison term reflects the “severity of the danger to the lives and security of motorists”.
The attack occurred approximately two and a half years ago, on Route 60, bypassing Halhul, between Hevron and Gush Etzion. The terrorists waited on the side of the road, and when they noticed an Israeli car approaching they pelted it with rocks from a distance of ten meters.
The passengers of the car were a couple and their two young children. Their nine-month-old infant suffered mild injuries to his face from glass shards. The parents called rescue forces and continued driving for 150 meters, until they noticed soldiers by the side of the road and stopped next to them. An army medic provided medical treatment at the scene.
Ofer Ohana arrived on the scene, called for an ambulance, and recorded a video clip (see below), which was publicized. A translation of part of the transcript is as follows:
[Ohana reporting the incident] “I’m at the site. There’s a baby injured from rock-throwing. [Ohana to baby’s father] “How old is the baby?”
[Father to Ohana] “Nine months.”
[Ohana to dispatcher] “Send me a white ambulance.”
The baby’s concerned mother is heard in the background: “Why isn’t he talking? Why isn’t he babbling?”
[Dispatcher] “To where are you evacuating him?”
[Ohana to dispatcher] “I’m not with an ambulance. I’m here in my private car. The nine-month-old baby received a direct hit from a rock to his face. He has glass shards in his eyes. Now an army medic is treating him. He’s in my car. Should I continue towards Kiryat Arba or wait for an ambulance here?”

Baby receives medical treatment; Video credit: Ofer Ohana

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