Rock and Molotov cocktail terror – Cases

Injured girl; Photo credit: Courtesy of the photographer

Victim; Photo courtesy of the photographer

Honenu has been dealing with rock and Molotov cocktail throwing incidents for many years and in May 2020 launched a campaign to put a stop to the attacks. The organization’s attorneys are experts in handling complaints on the topic and Honenu hopes to lead a change in prosecuting attackers, who are frequently not even apprehended. To assist residents of Yehuda and Shomron and motorists who drive through those regions, Honenu has publicized a video clip (see below) and a guide to reporting incidents.

Honenu has the following advice for attack victims:

Honenu flier advising how to report incidents

First, call the local security headquarters and summon assistance. Then record all evidence of the attack, the exact location, the direction from which the rock was thrown, the path of the terrorists’ approach, and to where they fled, the color of their clothing, and details of security cameras in the area. All details possible will assist the police in locating the terrorists and bringing them to trial.
Additionally, the scene of the attack, the rocks, damage to the car and any other relevant details should be photographed. Take all of the findings and details to the closest police station and file a complaint. Afterwards, contact Honenu and the organization’s attorneys will closely monitor the complaint and verify that the police are doing their job properly.

Mor Janashvilli (seated) and his brother; Photo credit: Honenu

Some of the cases with which Honenu has been involved:
January 11, 2022: Weapon confiscated from man who defended group from rock barrage
January 3, 2022: Acco terrorist might be released to house arrest
December 29, 2021: School group attacked in Shimon HaTzadik
November 11, 2021: Another incident of rock terror in Jerusalem
October 10, 2021: Two terrorists denied parole
September 12, 2021: Shots fired at Acco victim’s place of residence
August 19, 2021: Molotov cocktail terrorist sentenced to 6.5 years’ imprisonment
August 17, 2021: Acco assailant released to house arrest with electronic anklet
July 29, 2021: Acco assailant remanded until end of proceedings
July 19, 2021: Road to Mt. Olives danger to Jewish travelers
July 7, 2021: Family compensated 45,000 NIS for terror attack
July 1, 2021: Attack victims interrogated as suspects
June 29, 2021: Acco attack victim threatened at court hearing
June 17, 2021: Jewish drivers ambushed in Jerusalem

Screenshot, baby car seat with glass shards; Video credit: Ofer Ohana

June 8, 2021: Brutal attack in Acco
June 8, 2021: Arab mob attacks Jewish driver in Beit Hanina
June 7, 2021: Attack in Abu Tor
May 31, 2021: Rock attack in Gush Etzion
February 18, 2021: Rock terror continues
October 4, 2020: Ten-year-old girl injured in rock attack
September 22, 2020: Victim of ambush interrogated
August 31, 2020: Rock terror in Gush Etzion
August 17, 2020: Rock terror on “fun day”
July 28, 2020: Rock terror continues, authorities won’t act
July 8, 2020: Rock terror strikes again

Damaged car; Photo credit: Courtesy of the photographer

July 6, 2020: Life sentence for terrorist who murdered Avraham Hasno, Hy”d
June 24, 2020: Rock terror in Jerusalem
April 5, 2020: Rock terror continues on Route 446
March 25, 2020: Despite Corona, terror attacks continue
January 14, 2020: Terror cases closed without investigation
September 10, 2019: Terror victims receive compensation, precedent set
June 13, 2019: Rock-thrower detained in Hevron
June 12, 2019: Indictments filed over Molotov cocktail attack
May 7, 2019: Five rioters from Hawara attack sentenced in plea bargain

Shattered windshield; Photo credit: Free use

November 3, 2018: Jewish minor detained at protest near Neve Tzuf
October 30, 2018: Jewish vehicle attacked near Shefaram
September 28, 2018: Serious assault in Kfar Yafia
October 19, 2015: Three terrorist-chasing detainees released to house arrest
June 14, 2015: Defendant exonerated eight years after incident
December 17, 2014: Shomron resident detained after catching rock thrower
September 27, 2011: Kiryat Arba resident escapes lynch, finds himself in police investigation

Honenu’s rock terror campaign

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