Jewish drivers ambushed in Jerusalem

Shattered car windows; Photo credit: Courtesy of the photographer

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Thursday, June 17, 2021, 18:43 Last week, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tor, Arabs attacked a couple driving to the Western Wall from the central region of Israel. In their attempt to escape, they drove aimlessly through the streets of the neighborhood as they were forced to wait for a long time for the police.
M. and his wife A. were driving to Jerusalem to celebrate a birthday. He stated that Waze directed him through Wadi Joz and he realized that he had encountered an ambush only when he was in the heart of the neighborhood: “A Toyota Corolla merged in front of us and slowed us down. Within seconds the assailants emerged from behind parked cars and bus stops, and from stores.”
M. had no room to turn around. The assailants threw dozens of large rocks at the car and all of its windows were shattered. “I caught on that people were coming to drag us out of the car, so I turned the steering wheel sharply. My wife, who is in an advanced state of pregnancy was injured in her shoulder and bleeding. It was traumatic. They came in a mob, yelling and screaming. I couldn’t do anything.
“They aimed for the back seat, thinking that children were there. If I had stayed there, they would have dragged us out of the car. I was afraid to keep driving. We drove around, back and forth, with the police not knowing where we were.”
After a long time a police car drove up to them and escorted them to the Mount of Olives Police Station, where they met other drivers who had been hit. Their testimonies corroborated the couple’s testimony about the Toyota Corolla blocking the street. The couple filed a complaint with the police.
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “People came to visit a major site in Jerusalem and instead they had a traumatic experience, the physical and emotional scars of which they will carry for many years. I demand action at all levels, gathering evidence from security cameras and gathering intelligence information, in order to bring the assailant to trial. They must be indicted for the attempted murder of the couple. Only stiff penalties will deter terrorists.”

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