Rock attack in Gush Etzion

In May 2020 Honenu launched a campaign to put a stop to rock and Molotov cocktail throwing attacks. For a selection of cases in which Honenu Attorneys have represented victims of rock or Molotov cocktail attacks, see here.
Monday, May 31, 2021, 11:28 The IDF detained a terrorist who threw a rock at an Israeli car at point-blank range on Wednesday, May 26 (see video clip below). The driver is being represented by Honenu, who welcomed the detention and are now demanding that the terrorist be charged with attempted murder.
The driver and his wife were traveling from Kiryat Arba towards Jerusalem. At the village of Al-Aroub, near a manned IDF pillbox guard tower and another moving vehicle, the terrorist approached the first car and threw a large rock directly at the front windshield.
The rock shattered the windshield and passed close to the driver’s wife as glass shards scattered, injuring her. The rock hit the driver, who stopped immediately. The terrorist fled the scene.
The IDF detained the terrorist, who was documented by the car’s camera. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the driver: “This was a serious rock attack which could have easily ended with either a serious injury or, G-d forbid, a fatality. I demand that the terrorist stand trial for attempted murder.”

Rock attack outside of Al-Aroub; Video credit: Driver’s car camera

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