Attack in Abu Tor

Damaged car; Photo credit: Courtesy of the photographer

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Monday, June 7, 2021, 9:21 A Jewish father and his children aged 6, 11, and 12.5, were attacked when they inadvertently drove onto HaMefaked Street in the Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem one afternoon a week and a half ago. Arab youths in the area recognized them as “Yahud”. Gradually approximately 20 of them surrounded the car and threw rocks at it, completely shattering the rear windshield, damaging the car’s bodywork, and causing additional damage. Miraculously neither the driver nor his children were injured, and he succeeded in extricating the car from the assailants.
The driver filed a complaint with the police. However, two days later, to his great surprise, he discovered that the case had been closed due to “perpetrator unknown”. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher has requested the investigative material and is considering appealing the closing of the case.
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher leveled criticism at the police: “Every rock attack is serious and constitutes a genuine threat to life, especially when three young children are in a car which is attacked. It is inexcusable that a case such as this was closed within 48 hours.”

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