Father and son attacked in Yaffo

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Sunday, June 6, 2021, 14:43 Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “This was a completely unprovoked antisemitic attack on my clients and part of the antisemitic riots currently raging in Yaffo and other Israeli cities. We demand that the terrorist and his accomplices stand trial for the most serious charge of racially motivated assault.”
An approximately 50-year-old man, L., and his 24-year-old son, Y., were attacked without cause in Yaffo on May 12, during the time of Operation Guardian of the Walls. As they were driving, suddenly and for no apparent reason, a motorcyclist came up very close to them on their right side and then blocked them. This motorcyclist was recorded on the car’s camera as was another motorcyclist and a cyclist who joined the first motorcyclist. The motorcyclist advanced towards the son, who was driving, and then circled the car in the direction of the front passenger seat where the father, who was injured from a previous accident, was sitting.

The attack; Video credit: Courtesy of photographer (victims’ car camera)
Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the victims, further described the attack in a letter to the police: The motorcyclist took off his helmet and hit L., who had gotten out of the car, with it. Then he pulled on the catheter that L. had due to his previous injury. Another assailant sprayed L. and the interior of the car, where Y. and the two dogs were sitting, with pepper spray.
The father described his reaction to the attack: “He [the assailant] was going to shatter my son’s window. With a father’s instinct, I got out of the car, even though I was injured, in order to pull him towards me. He circled the car and came at me. He started to push me.” At this point the second assailant sprayed pepper spray.
L. continued: “I was incapacitated for three quarters of an hour. They really sprayed me. I panicked because of my son and the dogs. I know that he told my son ‘You are Jews. You don’t belong here.’”
Passers-by who witnessed the attack called an ambulance and the police. L. and Y. suffered difficulty breathing due to the pepper spray and L.’s previous injury required medical treatment. L. gave testimony at the scene and requested that evidence be gathered from the security cameras in the area.
Thanks to the camera on the victims’ car, the police located the first motorcyclist suspected of assault and detained him. He has since been released. It is not known whether or not evidence has been gathered from the security cameras and the motorcyclist has not been indicted.

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