Four arrests in joint pre-dawn raid by security forces

Tuesday, March 13, 8:56 Concurrently with the ongoing missile attacks on southern Israel, security forces conducted a joint raid resulting in four arrests of nationalist youths.
Four youths were arrested in the early morning today in three locations throughout the country on suspicion of arson. In a joint operation, large numbers of Yassam (Special Police), police detectives and agents from the Jewish Department of the GSS conducted a pre-dawn raid in the communities of Yad Binyamin, Bat Ayin and Yitzhar. Four youths were arrested.
The family of the Bat Ayin arrestee said that he was taken from his bed to the police car wearing only shorts; he was not allowed to get dressed. Only once he was in the police car did the policemen allow him to put on his clothes.
The arrestees were taken to the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police in Ma’aleh Adumim. Honenu attorneys handling the case report that the four arrestees were told that they are suspected of involvement with arson. At this time the arson incident has not been specified. The arrestees deny all charges and assert that they have not been involved with any infraction of the law.
Close associates of the arrestees state that, “At a time when the security forces feel powerless in the face of ongoing attacks on the missile-battered south of Israel and in the face of the deplorable situation in which the Jews of Yehuda and Samaria are subjected to daily life threatening car-jackings — once again the security forces choose to demonstrate their ‘strength’ and ‘courage’ on youths whose only crime is love of HaShem and His land.”
“We believe that just as with previous raids and arrests, also this time everything will end quietly, with the release of all the arrestees,” they added.

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