Four detained at Givat Egoz

Thursday, March 21, 15:15 The police detained four Jews at Givat Egoz, a hilltop outpost near the community of Neria in the Binyamin region, Honenu reports. Among the detainees are minors and a 40 year old rabbi who lives in the area.
Large numbers of Yassam (Special Unit) police arrived at the hilltop following construction work on the hilltop. One structure was already built and several others were under construction. Residents of the hilltop say that the timing of the construction at the time of the American President’s visit was not a coincidence and that it expresses a protest against the policies of the government.
At the moment it is not clear if the security forces intend to demolish the outpost.
Honenu points out the discriminatory conduct of the Israeli government. “An Arab outpost built in an area under Israeli control according to all opinions is still standing, however when Jews attempt to build it is immediately suppressed in order not to mar the American President’s visit. This occurrence begs a question.”
The detainees were taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station.

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