Fury in Binyamin – Mitzpe Danny residents file arson complaint and are detained for interrogation

Tuesday, July 19 15:21 A few hours ago Bedouins from an encampment near the community of Mitzpe Danny in the Shomron started a large fire. This is the fourth time in the past few weeks that Bedouins have set fires near the community.
IDF trackers identified time after time that the Bedouins had started the fires.
As they extinguished the fires several Mitzpe Danny residents went to the Bedouin encampment and demanded that they stop setting fires. After an short exchange of words the Bedouins began to throw rocks at them and threaten them with sticks.
The police forces that arrived quickly at the site detained one of the Jews for interrogation because he did not have his identity card on him.
After that three Mitzpe Danny residents went to the Binyamin police station and filed a complaint against the Bedouins for arson. To their astonishment the police detectives informed them that they were being detained on suspicion of trespassing and disturbing the peace.
According to the Mitzpe Danny residents, during the entire incident they used no violence and did not enter the Bedouin encampment.
Currently the three are being interrogated with a warning. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar briefed the three.
Mitzpe Danny residents reported that during the arrest of the detainee one of the policemen threatened one of the residents with his weapon.
According to the police three of the Bedouins were also detained, but the Mitzpe Danny residents detained reported that there were no Bedouins in the police station.

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