Police will request remand extension on one of the detainees from Migron

Tuesday, July 19 10:47 Yesterday (Monday) four youths were arrested while standing at the Michmash Crossing gas station.
According to the police, conflicts occurred earlier between Ramat Migron residents and dozens of Arabs who approached the outpost. In the conflicts three Arabs and one Jew were injured. One of the Arabs was evacuated to the hospital in serious condition.
After interrogation at the Binyamin police station three of the youths were released after no connection between them and the incident was found. Two of them were released to house arrest.
The other youth will be brought this morning to a deliberation at the request of the police to extend his remand. The police claim that he attempted to escape at the time of his arrest. The youth denies all charges.
Honenu attorney Yehuda Shushan arrived last night at the Binyamin police station and briefed the detainees. This morning Shushan will represent the detainee at the deliberation at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. Simultaneously a deliberation will take place on the appeal filed by Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger on the release conditions of the two youths released yesterday to house arrest.

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