Young Jewish women attacked by Arab woman and detained by Arab policeman on suspicion of assault…

Monday, July 18 16:08 This morning a deliberation took place at the Jerusalem District Court on two young women accused of setting on fire an Arab vehicle in Hevron. A group of their friends arrived at the courthouse in order to encourage them, being as they are under house arrest.
The group sat on the stairs leading to the courthouse.
At some point an Arab woman exited the courthouse. As she went down the stairs she kicked one of the young women and pulled her hair. The young woman began to yell at the Arab woman. Then the courthouse guards arrived on the scene, detained the Arab woman and summoned the police.
The police arrived on the scene and suggested to the young woman who had been assaulted that she file a complaint at the police station, but refused to detain the Arab woman. The friends of the assaulted woman who witnessed the attack accompanied her and rode in a police car to the nearby Shalem police station.
However at the police station the attitude of the policemen suddenly changed. The young women noticed that the police dealing with them were Arabs. One of the young women asked the policeman if all of the policemen in the station were Arab or if there was a possibility that a Jewish policeman could deal with them.
The policeman became irritated and immediately ordered that they be detained and interrogated on suspicion of insulting a public servant and assaulting the Arab woman.
Simultaneously the Arab woman arrived at the police station and herself filed a complaint against the young women. The Arab woman was questioned for a few minutes and then released, however the young women were detained for three hours at the police station and interrogated on suspicion of assaulting the Arab woman who had assaulted the young woman.
At the end of the three hour detainment and after efforts by Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who was in contact with the police interrogators, the young women were unconditionally released.

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