Geulat Tzion resident detained at dawn

Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 16:56 On Wednesday, August 17, after being distanced from his home for a year by administrative order, Amishav Melet, a resident of Geulat Tzion, an outpost community in the Shilo Bloc, and father of two, received an additional order for the duration of six months. He is also forbidden by the administrative order to make contact with more than 60 specific individuals, including some with whom he is completely unacquainted. As with all administrative orders no reason was given for serving Melet with the order and he was not brought to trial. Major-General Roni Numa, the GOC of the Central Command, signed on the order, which is one of many he has issued to Yehuda and Shomron residents.
At dawn on Wednesday police and ISA forces surrounded the house at which Melet has been staying in the community of Hermesh and detained him for interrogation. He stated that the police broke into the house while he was asleep and refused to allow him to take his tefillin with him.
Melet was interrogated for a short time at the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron police on suspicion of involvement with an incident that occurred approximately 18 months ago in which damage was caused to property in Kfar Sinjil. No evidence was presented to him and he was unconditionally released. Before he was released the interrogators served him with an administrative order signed on the 9th of Av by Major-General Numa. According to the order, the duration of which is six months, Melet is forbidden to enter Yehuda and Shomron other than the community of Hermesh.
Melet stated that when the ISA coordinator in the Shilo Bloc served him with the previous order, he told him that he is receiving the order because the ISA would like to “blot out Geulat Tzion”. The community is raided on a daily basis by army, ISA, and police forces for the purpose of detaining residents and destroying structures.

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