GSS detained minors still have not seen attorney, condition unknown

Monday, December 31, 2018, 11:16 On the morning of Monday, December 31, the Central District Court in Lod rejected the appeal filed by the attorneys of the three minors detained by the GSS on the order preventing the minors from meeting with an attorney. The court allowed the decision to be publicized. The minors were detained the previous day on suspicion of involvement with an incident which is not under a gag order and are under an order forbidding them to meet with an attorney. See here for a related post.
Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, who is representing one of the minors, stated that, “Unfortunately the courts are giving too broad a backing to the GSS. Only recently we were exposed to the harsh testimonies of the conduct of the GSS during the interrogations of the detainees in the Duma case. The detainees begged the judges to have the conduct stopped and the courts ignored their requests.” Ben Gvir added that he “intends to appeal to the Supreme Court in order to prevent further injury to the minors.”
Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is representing two of the minors stated that, “Several minutes ago a deliberation was held on the question of preventing a meeting with an attorney, on the appeal that Attorney Nati Rom and I filed through Honenu. We are appealing and protesting the human rights violation of minors who do not have a criminal record. The GSS is endeavoring to raise its status that decreased drastically due to the Duma case. We expect the court to remind them about the conclusions reached and the harsh criticism that was leveled at them. We also expect the court to allow us to meet with our clients.”
Honenu Attorney Nati Rom added that, “Unfortunately the GSS is using severe means and preventing the detainees from meeting with an attorney. This is a violation of the youths’ basic legal rights and is a serious injury to minors.
“These means are not appropriate at all. This investigation should be handled by the Israeli Police, not by the GSS, as are hundreds of similar cases. This violation is seriously injuring the youths and we are concerned for their well-being. We do not know what is happening with them. We do not know what is being done to them. Their families do not know what is happening with them. These means should be reserved for extremely exceptional ‘ticking time bomb’ cases, and this is not such a case.”

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