“Stop Duma 2!”

Tuesday, January 1, 2019, 8:13 At 19:00 on Tuesday, January 1, friends of the three minors who were detained on Sunday, are planning to demonstrate opposite the residence of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, on Atarot Street in the Ramat HaHayal neighborhood of Tel Aviv.
The demonstration is in protest of the unrestrained conduct of the GSS in what the demonstrators are calling “Duma 2”. Text of the poster (see image):

The poster advertising the demonstration

The poster advertising the demonstration

At the beginning of the week three minors were detained and are being held in the GSS dungeons. They are forbidden to meet with an attorney and with their parents.
We all remember the horrors of the ‘Duma Blood Libel’ three years ago, when the interrogatees were tortured physically and emotionally, and even suspects for property crimes underwent outrageous interrogations that included threats of murder and rape by policemen working undercover as criminals, as revealed by ‘Uvda’.
The new case must be stopped before it reaches the proportions of the ‘Duma Blood Libel’, and before these youths suffer nightmares for the rest of their lives.
Stop Duma 2! We won’t let the GSS run amok!
Protest on Tuesday, 1.1.19, at 19:00
Atarot Street, Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv, opposite the residence of the Justice Minister

In a different forum protesters wrote, “We will all meet at a mass demonstration opposite the residence of the Justice Minister and tell her that this time the public will not forgive, this time we demand her immediate intervention. Hilltop youth have rights too!” In June 2018 protesters demonstrated opposite Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s residence calling on her to act towards removing the gag order on the torture in the Kfar Duma case.
Ori Kirshenbaum, one of the organizers of the demonstration and one of the administrators of the Facebook page “Duma Blood Libel“, stated that: “Declarations by the GSS that the condition of the detainees is good and that the investigation is being conducted in the best way possible are worthless. Also at the time of the torturous interrogations of the Duma case the GSS recited such messages.
It is in the hands of the Justice Minister to ensure that we do not discover that also in this investigation methods of lethal strength were used on the interrogatees, and we expect her to do so.”
The minors have been in remand since Sunday, December 30, and have not been allowed to meet with an attorney. Their conditions are not known and it is not clear where they are being interrogated.

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