GSS detains 7 Jewish youths at Givat HaBaladim

Thursday, August 13, 2015, 14:34 In two separate detentions seven Jewish youths were detained by the GSS on the morning of Thursday, August 13 at Givat HaBaladim, a hilltop community near Kochav HaShachar. Three of the detainees have been banned from meeting with an attorney.
In the first incident four Jewish youths were detained. One of them is suspected of insulting a policeman and the other three are being interrogated on suspicion of setting on fire a Bedouin tent late Wednesday (August 12) night near the Alon Road. They all deny all charges. Honenu expects that they will be released soon.
Later the same morning three additional Jewish youths were detained on suspicion of setting on fire the above-mentioned Bedouin tent. They were taken to the GSS detention center in Petah Tikva and issued an order banning them from meeting with an attorney. The car belonging to one of three detainees has been impounded.
Honenu strongly criticizes the policy of banning detainees from meeting with an attorney: “This order violates the rights of suspects and prevents them from receiving legal representation. Lately youths with long payot wearing large kippot have been persecuted. We call on the legal system to come to its senses and stop the persecution.”

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