Honenu filed complaint, AG to consider trying sheikh

Thursday, August 13, 2015, 18:07 The Israeli Police informed Honenu that the Attorney General’s office will consider filing an indictment against Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi for the sermons he gave on the Temple Mount.
In June 2015 Honenu filed a complaint with the Israeli Police, demanding that they investigate and try Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi, who gave a sermon on the Temple Mount in which he claimed that the Jews are slaughtering non-Jewish children in order to use their blood in matza. The police received authorization from the Attorney General’s office to open an investigation. Sheikh Al-Mughrabi was interrogated several times, but was released each time. Two months after the complaint was filed the police informed Honenu that the case has been transferred to the Attorney General’s office, which will examine the evidence and decide whether or not to bring Sheikh Al-Mughrabi to trial.
Honenu’s complaint is based on video clips publicized by the “Palestinian Media Watch” organization which translated Sheikh Al-Mughrabi’s sermons. Among other statements he stated that “Vampires are blood sucking animals and Satan puts nonsense into the Jews’ heads so they believe that if they drink other people’s blood in a special manner they will merit everlasting life.” Al-Mughrabi added that, “On Passover the Jews were accustomed to divide up into groups and each group grabbed a child, slaughtered him and baked matzot with his blood,” and further added that each group had a barrel called “the barrel of nails”, into which the child was placed so that the nails would cause his blood to flow and drain through a spout in the bottom of the barrel into the matza dough which was kneaded with the blood.
Al-Mughrabi continued his sermon, stating that, “The Jewish ritual of bloodshed led to every Holocaust which befell European Jewry until in the end the Europeans expelled all the Jews from their land, and the Germans burned the Jews because they were always drinking so much children’s blood.”
Honenu is pleased that Al-Mughrabi is being investigated, but is distressed that the treatment of the matter has been so slow. “In cases in which the suspects are Jewish we see that the Attorney General’s office is quick to file indictments, as we saw in the case of Uri Baram, and to demand remand until the end of proceedings. However when the issue is incitement by an Arab the treatment by the judicial authorities has been extremely limited.”

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