Mordechai Meyer’s parents sent letter to Defense Minister

Friday, August 14, 2015, 12:28 One week after Mordechai Meyer, a Ma’aleh Adumim resident, began carrying out a six month administrative detention order, his parents wrote a letter to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in which they demanded that he cancel the administrative detention order issued to their son and release him to his home.
“Approximately one week ago policemen knocked on our door at night, presented a piece of paper with your signature on it and took our son into remand for half a year in prison,” wrote Meyer’s parents to Ya’alon. They stressed that there was no connection between their son and the recent incidents.
“Our son was not presented with any charges, he was not issued an indictment, and legal proceedings were not started against him. It is not logical to believe that he would have carried out the acts and the attempt to pin a connection to those acts on our son is an extremely foolish and serious step. The administrative detention came in response to the incident in Kfar Duma, even though it is known that Mordechai is not connected to it. On the night of the incident our son was at home with us, as you know. Also after the arson at the Church of Loaves and Fishes he was interrogated and harassed and no evidence implicating him was found. [See here and here for previous posts on the arson.]
“The administrative detention order issued to our son is meant for a media show, in order to give a false sense that people connected to the incidents have been located. As citizens of the State of Israel who came on aliya from America out of a love of Israel, we are embarrassed that you acted like this. We thought that the State of Israel is a democracy and has a proper judicial system. And now we have discovered that at times it acts like a dictatorship,” wrote the parents and demanded that Ya’alon: “Cancel the order and return our son to his home!”
Mordechai Meyer is the first Jewish administrative detainee since February 2010. After his detention, during the week of Sunday, August 9, Meir Ettinger and Eviatar Slonim were also administratively detained. In addition to the detentions three other administrative orders for complete house arrest or house arrest at night, have been issued to youths. The orders were given without evidence and without a trial. The judge who ruled on issuing the administrative orders decided that there would be an additional deliberation in order to examine the pleas made by Honenu attorneys representing the detainees.
Shmuel Meidad, the director of Honenu, responded to the administrative orders: “What has been happening these past few days is an insane situation. Citizens are being penalized as the courts are being bypassed. There is no longer any need to present evidence to anyone. The secret services are sending the message that they are tired of handling investigations in a proper manner. I am surprised that not a single judge has been outraged by this occurrence. The administrative orders harm the courts almost as much as they harm those who receive the orders and their families.”

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