GSS Jewish department coordinators continue recruitment attempts

Tuesday, May 17 14:20 The coordinators of the Jewish Department of the GSS are continuing their efforts to recruit informers from among the settlers.
On Israeli Independence Day three minors were arrested at the Shevut Ami outpost near Kedumim. The following day the three were unconditionally released at court after it became clear that the police violated the law by not informing their parents of their arrest and the deliberation.
After they were released, “A”, one of the minors and grandson of a highly regarded individual in the national-religious leadership, spoke with Honenu and related that a GSS coordinator had tried to recruit him as an informer.
“A” said that after the investigation at the Ariel police station a man entered the room and introduced himself as “Charlie”, and claimed that he was a coordinator at the Jewish department of the GSS. Initially Charlie tried to talk about a notebook that “A” had. The notebook, in which were lists relating to Shabbat activities at the Bnei Akiva branch at which “A” is active, raised the suspicion of the GSS agent. After several questions about the content of the notebook, Charlie began to tempt “A” to work with the GSS.
“The GSS coordinator told me that he knows that I have a few files with the police and that he could have them closed,” said “A”. “He tried to talk to me about all kinds of personal issues and told me that they are interested in keeping in contact with me and that I could help them. He started to ask me about things that my friends do at Shevut Ami, but I told him that I didn’t know what he was talking about.” At the end of the conversation Charlie told “A” that they will be sure to keep in contact with him. “I replied that I’m not interested in keeping in contact, but he told me that anyway, they would be sure to keep in contact with me,” said “A”.
In closing, the GSS coordinator tried to scare “A” and warned him against telling his friends about the conversation. “He tried to scare me and told me that if I told anyone that I had spoken to the GSS, then they would think that I was with the GSS, and therefore for my own good I should keep the conversation a secret.”
Despite the warnings from the GSS coordinator, “A” told Honenu about the conversation and also ensured that as many people as possible knew about it, so that the Jewish department of the GSS would be dissuaded from recruiting him as an informer.
Lately there has been an increase in the number of attempts by the GSS to recruit settlers. Every week cases reach Honenu concerning recruitment attempts by the Jewish department of the GSS, whose head resides in one of the settlements of Judea and Samaria. Due to the nature of the cases, many of them do not come to the attention of the public.
In an additional incident that occurred several weeks ago a GSS coordinator by the name “Meir” tried to recruit, “Y”, a resident of Ariel who had previously lived on one of the hilltops of Shilo.
“Meir” came to the store in Ariel at which “Y” works and offered him a sum of money in return for information on his friends. “I know that it’s difficult for you to support a wife and children and I’m sure that we have some interesting offers for you,” he callously hinted. “Y” decisively refused the offer, called Honenu for advice and publicized the story among his friends.
It must be emphasized that sometimes the people recruited are not involved with any activism. Several months ago a GSS coordinator known as “Amitai” attempted to recruit a youth coordinator from one of larger settlements in Judea and Samaria. After one meeting with “Amitai” he understood that “Amitai” did not have good intentions, and turned to Honenu for advice.
We are pleased that more and more of the public realizes the despicable goals of the GSS and refuses to cooperate with them. We call on anyone who encounters a recruitment attempt by the GSS to turn to the legal headquarters of Honenu and we will be happy to advise him, with complete privacy when necessary.
It is important to remember that the power of the GSS is in their secrecy and therefore the best way to thwart them is to publicize their recruitment attempts as much as possible. The Perlman incident shows what can happen when one enters into the tangled web of contact with the GSS. Without extensive legal and public assistance, and much help from G-d, Chaim Perlman could have sat in jail for four life sentences, even though he is totally innocent.

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