HaRav Lior makes a special call – “Assist and donate to Honenu”

Monday, July 4 17:29 Following the latest events HaRav Dov Lior has come out with a renewed call to assist and strengthen Honenu.
This is in addition to recommendations given by HaRav Ovadiah, HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, HaRav Lior and other renowned rabbis at the time of Honenu’s founding approximately ten years ago.
The level of tension between the police, the justice system and the public has increased. A high personal price is being paid by whomever tries to object to injustice. Lately the number of arrests has increased and therefor a greatly increased amount of assistance is necessary.
To illustrate, in the past two weeks alone Honenu has dealt with more than 30 arrests from the demonstrations protesting the arrests of rabbis Lior and Yosef, and of course an attorney and legal assistance was sent for the rabbis themselves. This is in addition to the approximately 30 arrests from incidents of the usual type. The vast majority of the detainees who were brought to deliberations in court were represented by attorneys from Honenu.
Honenu has not ceased to supply assistance, and legal and general support to all who have requested.
‎The public is called on to join in assisting with the heavy expenses.
Please click here to donate to Honenu.

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