Honenu responds to fake news

Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 20:30 “Honenu scrupulously operates within the law. This is more fake news from Channel 10. We have not seen Channel 10 journalists rummaging through the documents of organizations that are hostile to Israel.”
On the evening of Wednesday, April 26, Honenu publicized a response to broadcasts by Channel 10 which defamed the organization. Channel 10 did not broadcast the complete response, but rather edited it to the point where it became misleading. Honenu leveled strong criticism at Channel 10, describing their actions as “Both fake news and zero journalistic integrity.”
Honenu explained that the organization uncharacteristically responded to the broadcasts because of the repeated harassment by Channel 10 and other news media. Honenu: “This material has already been publicized five times by various news media. The same data is recycled every time: First Ha’Aretz, then Channel 10, then Ha’Aretz again, and again Channel 10. This is not topical reporting. This is harassment, harassment which is reminiscent of the obsession that the various news media have with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Honenu scrupulously operates within the law. We have been examined over and over again by the tax authorities and never has there been found a stain on our reputation. We are fed up with having to explain ourselves every day to people who do not want to listen.”

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