Jews attacked by Arab mob, detained

Friday, April 28, 2017, 9:12 An Arab mob assaulted five Jewish youth, members of Hozrim L’Har (Returning to the [Temple] Mount), who were walking around the Temple Mount wall in the Old City of Jerusalem on the night of Thursday, April 27. The Arabs, one of whom attempted to run over some of the youths with his car, surrounded the youths and assaulted them.
The youths were escorted by policemen, who called for reinforcements at the start of the incident and were hesitant to intervene. When the reinforcements arrived on the scene, to the astonishment of the youths they, and not their assailants, were detained.
After interrogation at the policemen station the detainees were offered release on condition of signing on an order distancing them from the Old City until a deliberation on the case on Sunday, April 30. Two of the detainees refused to sign on the order. A deliberation on their case is expected to be held on Friday, April 28 at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court.
Honenu Attorney Nati Rom, who is representing the youths: “This was a serious failure by the Israeli Police who not only were unable to protect the youths in the capital city of Israel, but also detained the victims of assault for many hours more than is allowed by law in order to cover up for their failing. I hope that the Israeli Police will present to the court the video clips of the incident, which support the claim made by the detainees and show a serious incident of assault and the faulty conduct of the police.”

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