Honenu responds to planned release of terrorists

Sunday, July 21, 9:22 Following reports of the planned release of terrorists as a goodwill gesture towards Abu Mazen, Honenu, which provides legal counsel to soldiers, policemen and civilians who find themselves entangled in legal difficulties, due to the security situation in Israel, notes that, “Just two weeks ago, on Wednesday, July 10, the Knesset coalition rejected a bill which was based on the principle of reciprocity. The bill would have obligated the Israeli government to release Jewish prisoners in the event that Arab terrorists and murderers were released. To our great sorrow the same government which treats Jewish citizens callously desires to release terrorists and murderers whom past experience has shown, return to carrying out terror attacks. The terrorists are being released only for the dubious honor of negotiating with Abu Mazen. Honenu will continue to strive to ensure that no terrorists be released and that the Jewish prisoners whose actions are not comparable in any way to terrorism be released..”

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