Six Yitzhar detainees released

Friday, July 19, 14:34 In two separate deliberations, one at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court and the other at the Jerusalem District Court, the judges ordered that the six young men, four of them minors, detained in Yitzhar on Sunday, July 13 be released to their homes.
A deliberation took place on Friday, July 19 at the Jerusalem District Court on the appeal which the police filed on the decision made by the Jerusalem Magistrate Court the previous day which ruled that the four minors in the case would be released to a ten day house arrest. The district court rejected the appeal and the minors were released to their homes.
In the other deliberation the Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered that the two adults in the case be released to their homes under conditions identical to those of the minors, ten days house arrest, despite the police demand to extend their remand.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar represented the detainees in both of the deliberations.
The six young men had been detained on Sunday, July 14 during a raid and planned ambush by the police on Givat HaSeruga, one of Yitzhar’s hilltops. They were charged with assaulting a policeman and causing damage. See here for additional information on the case.

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