House arrest extended for two Binyamin region youths

Thursday, June 25, 2015, 13:11 The Lod District Court ordered the house arrest extended for two youths from the Talmonim Bloc in the Binyamin region who are suspected of throwing rocks at Arab vehicles on the night of Saturday, June 20 (after Shabbat), the day after a terror attack in which Dani Gonen, Hy”d, was shot and murdered near the community of Dolev in the Talmonim Bloc.
On the morning of Thursday, June 25 the Attorney General’s office filed an indictment in which the two youths are accused of endangering human life in a traffic lane, assault and rioting.
Judge Dana Marshak-Marom ruled that the two will remain under house arrest at their parents’ homes and will not be allowed to attend prayers at their local synagogue. Also, in two weeks’ time a deliberation will take place on their case after their attorney examines the evidence in the case.
Honenu attorney Avichai Hajbi, who is representing the youths, stated in response, “The conduct of the Attorney General’s office, which is as if they are dealing with hardened criminals, and not with minors lacking a criminal record, should be denounced. It is not clear why the Attorney General’s office has been so quick to file an indictment and to demand that the suspects remain under complete house arrest until the end of proceedings. In the coming days we will examine the evidence and reply with our pleas to the court.”

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