In Jerusalem courts yesterday and two days ago three deliberations took place

Tuesday, March 15 Yesterday and two days ago three deliberations took place in the Magistrate Court of Jerusalem concerning those accused of violations in the events of the Binyamin area.
On Sunday a deliberation took place concerning a resident of Eli accused of assulting a police officer during a protest opposite the Binyamin police station. An evidentiary hearing is scheduled in seven months time.
Yesterday in the District Court of Jerusalem an evidentiary hearing took place for a young woman accused of throwing stones at Arabs in Ramat Migron. A continuation of the deliberation to hear evidence is scheduled for next week.
At the Magistrate Court of Jerusalem a deliberation took place for a resident of Beit El accused of staying on Givat HaOr, adjacent to Beit El. Despite the court’s recommendation the prosecution announced last night that it would not rescind its charge sheet, despite problems with the evidence. Judge Shulamit Dothan scheduled an evidentiary hearing in several months time.

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