Two more arrested in the course of retaliatory acts on Arabs after the massacre in Itamar were released

Monday, March 14 The Magistrate Court in Jerusalem released this afternoon two people that had been arrested on suspicion of retaliatory acts against Arabs after the murderous attack in Itamar.
“Sh”, a resident of Hebron arrested Motzei Shabbat on suspicion of throwing rocks at Arab vehicles at an intersection in the Hebron Hills area, was released to house/kollel arrest. The police presented a charge sheet and requested that the court order him remanded in custody until the end of proceedings.
Honenu lawyer Itzik Bam represented “Sh” and at the end of a long deliberation Judge Y. Shimoni ordered that he be released to house/kollel arrest.
“A”, a young man learning in Yad Binyamin, was arrested yesterday on a claim that he punctured tires of Arab vehicles at the entrance to Jerusalem. “A” denied the charges. This morning the police presented a statement of claim according to which they intend to present a charge sheet and requested that the remand be extended by four days.
Honenu lawyer Itzik Bam represented “A”. Judge Irit Cohen released “A” on bail and under condition of monetary deposit.

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