Indictment filed against Landsberg, Savir and Richter

Wednesday, February 5, 17:43 On Wednesday, February 5 an indictment was filed against the three detainees being held by the GSS on suspicion of setting Arab cars on fire in a “price tag” incident, Yehuda Landsberg, Binyamin Richter and Yehuda Savir. Landsberg has been held since January 19 and Richter and Savir have been held since January 26. It should be noted that the indictment does not include the charge of “impermissible association”, which was classified as an act of terror in all senses of the term by the Israeli government. The charge allows the GSS to prevent the accused from meeting with an attorney and their families, exactly what was done to the above-mentioned three detainees. Honenu will handle the indictment in court, however what will be with the terrible suffering which the detainees and their families experienced, for which there is no legal basis, as we see in the indictment, during the weeks they were separated?
Why didn’t the entire judicial system, including the Supreme Court of Israel respond to the pleas of Honenu’s attorneys who warned that this would happen? Why didn’t the courts reach the conclusion that even if the acts of which the detainees are accused are serious they still do not constitute “terror” and that the methods of interrogation generally reserved for murderous terrorists should not be used on detainees accused of property crimes?

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