Letter from wife of GSS detainee Yehuda Landsberg

Monday, February 3
Emuna Landsberg, the wife of Yehuda Landsberg who has been held by the GSS since Sunday, January 19 on suspicion of carrying out a “price tag” attack, wrote an emotional letter to her husband:
You didn’t plan the attack on the Sbarro restaurant and also not the explosion on the no. 11 bus line. You didn’t come on Shabbat at night to slaughter the Fogel family, z”l, and you didn’t stab Eviyatar Borovsky, z”l on his way to work.
You love Israel and every Jew in your eyes is truly your brother and you care about him, like the man who dropped his bag with twenty thousand and something shekels cash in it in the Schneider Hospital and you searched for him and returned it to him.
You aren’t the enemy of the Prime Minister and also not that of your left-wing brothers. You, however, frequently do not agree with their actions and even are angry at them, but it has never, and will never occur to you to harm a Jew.
So what turned you so quickly into a terrorist!?
The suspicion which came out of the blue that you damaged Arab cars, turned you into a terrorist?
To the best of my understanding a rock can kill and it is part of the terror that we see day in and day out on the roads of Yosh [Yehuda and Shomron]; as you recall we saw that happen with the Palmer family.
Fire bombs, infiltrations into communities, murders, kidnappings, road side bombs, shootings and stabbings are genuine concepts of terror! To the best of my understanding suspicions of the GSS do not fit those criteria.
With such genuine acts of terror live, every day, our brothers, the residents of Yehuda and Shomron, Jerusalem, Lod, Yaffo, Tsfat and many more cities… There is not a city in Israel which has remained unscathed during the horrific years of terror which continue on to this very moment.
The terror is not perpetrated by you, Yehuda Landsberg, Yehuda Savir and Binyamin Richter – terror against which we all defend ourselves, every day, every hour: What will I do if they shoot at me now? What will I do if I see in front of me a barricade of rocks? Which of the children will I succeed in saving?
We live with worry and fear and you [the GSS] worry about the Arabs?? And unjustly give us the title ‘enemies of the state’?
It is simply an upside down world. A Jew is a ‘terrorist’ and an Arab is a ‘minority member’ even when he slaughters a soldier.
ְAnd Yehuda my husband and Binyamin and Yehuda his friends, hard working Jews who care for their brothers, the People of Israel, who are concerned about their homeland, the Land of Israel, Torah Jews, gentle and loving who distance themselves from hate and favor love for all Jews, suddenly find themselves placed under the same category as the murderers of Jews who slaughter babies and plan mass attacks.
They have taken you without a trial, caused you disappear from your loving families, from children dependent on you, not allowed you a meeting with an attorney or a phone call, taken you to endless interrogations including every means which comes to the minds of your interrogators to pressure you, with threats, with scare tactics and with actual psychological and physical injury.
In the State of Israel in the year 2014 there is no justice and no judge!!!
At a time when the murderers of Jews are being released from prison or studying for academic degrees while they are still in prison, regular citizens, Jews, can disappear to the interrogation rooms of the GSS without leaving a single trace.
This is a return to the height of the days of the Russian KGB. Some of the methods of interrogation are even taken from then.
Every citizen in the State of Israel must begin to live in fear. If the GSS suspects you of something your family is liable to discover that you have disappeared off the face of the earth and they will falsely accuse you and it won’t matter to them whether or not you are guilty. They have enough time to isolate you, to blackmail, to threaten, to injure, to humiliate until you admit even to Yitzchak Rabin’s murder, even if you hadn’t been born yet when he was murdered.
On Wednesday an indictment is expected to be filed against three men. No-one knows if they [the GSS] succeeded in extorting anything out of any of them during the nine days of isolated interrogation of Landsberg or the eight days of isolated interrogation of Richter and Savir and additionally we will not know a thing as long as they are in remand.
It is so easy to threaten whomever is in your custody and has no opportunity to communicate with the outside world. What is most important to them [the GSS] is to show that they have have found a ‘price tag’ perpetrator even at the price of falsely accusing rather than genuinely protecting the lives of citizens.
There is nothing more disgusting than this phenomenon.
With great sorrow and awaiting complete redemption

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