Three 12 year old boys detained, released by Jerusalem District Court

Tuesday, February 4, 16:56 Early on Sunday morning (February 2) three twelve year old boys from the community of Bat Ayin were detained on suspicion of assaulting Arabs near the community. The boys denied all connection to the accusation. The police requested that Jerusalem Magistrate Court extend their remand for three days. The court rejected the request and ordered the immediate release of the boys. The police delayed their release in order to appeal to the Jerusalem District Court, which rejected the request for remand out of hand.
The three boys were represented by Honenu attorney David HaLevi who said in response to the detention, “This was a scandalous and intolerable detention of young boys (seventh grade) who suffered huge emotional damage from their ordeal. My clients stated that during the detention they were humiliated and abused. Unfortunately the impression received is that only one segment of the population gets this ‘special treatment’. In my opinion this detention indicates a complete loss of reason and my impression is that the police in this instance have lost all proportion. The fact that the magistrate and the district courts released my clients speaks for itself.”

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