Indictment filed against Sheikh Al-Mughrabi for incitement

Thursday, November 12, 2015, 12:47 On Thursday, November 12, the Justice Ministry announced that an indictment had been filed against Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi for sermons he gave on the Temple Mount inciting to injure Jews. Honenu filed two complaints with the Israeli Police against Al-Mughrabi, in June and in October of 2015.
Honenu stated in response to the indictment that, “We, of course, welcome the filing of the indictment, but are of the opinion that it is very late in coming. We are certain that if Al-Mughrabi had been detained after the first complaint we filed, then his inciteful sermons, some of which may have directly led to the terror attacks which occurred recently, would have been stopped.”
Honenu filed the first of two complaints against Al-Mughrabi for incitement in June 2015 with the Merchav David (Old City) District Police in Jerusalem. In August 2015 the Israeli Police informed Honenu that the Attorney General’s office would consider filing an indictment against Al-Mughrabi.
However Al-Mugrabi continued his sermons inciting to harm Jews and therefore Honenu filed an additional complaint in October 2015 with the Merchav David Police and also sent a petition to the Jerusalem District Attorney and the Attorney General demanding that an indictment be filed as soon as possible. On November 4 the Israeli Police detained Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi.

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