Instead of an apology more distortion

Wednesday, March 5, 15:57 Last Friday night (February 28) Israeli Channel 2 aired on its Ulpan Shishi program a response, supposedly from Honenu clarifying the previous week’s broadcast in which Honenu was described as operating illegally.
Channel 2 not only did not apologize for the erroneous portrayal of Honenu, but rather added insult to injury by taking segments of the letter Honenu sent to Channel 2 informing them of Honenu’s intention to file a suit against them and presenting the segments as part of Honenu’s response to the broadcast. It should be noted that the photographs and the video clip mentioned below were used by Channel 2 without permission and without proper credit given.
Apparently Honenu will have to sue in order to assert the basic right to respond to accusations in a broadcast accusing the organization of illegal acts.
Photo: The supposed clarification from Honenu, screenshot of the Ulpan Shishi program, translation by Honenu:

אולפן שישי537

Text: Honenu “Favor us, Hashem, favor us, for we are fully sated with contempt.” [Quote taken from Honenu’s website “About Us” page.]
Ulpan Shishi
Response from the Honenu non-profit organization
[Honenu is] “a non-profit organization which holds holds a certificate of sound management and has never carried out an illegal act. It should be noted that the photographs and the video clip seen in the report on the destruction of Sagi Keisler’s home were taken from the Internet site operated by Honenu and from the Shomron Settlers’ Council.”

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