Thank you to our supporters

Wednesday, March 5, 15:54
Dear Friends,
As stated here, Peace Now launched a media offensive on Honenu following Honenu’s recent series of successes in court cases. Honenu would like to thank all of the generous contributors who assisted, each according to his or her ability, in achieving the successes in court.
To answer the question many of our supporters have been asking in light of the statement by Peace Now claiming that Honenu receives funds from the Israeli government: No. Honenu does NOT receive any funds from the Israeli government. Honenu is funded solely by ‘grass roots’ contributions from supporters who identify with the goals and purpose of the organization. Without this ‘grass roots’ support we would not be able to maintain our ceaseless work. Your contributions give us the material and spiritual energy to continue. Thank you.
Please see here to choose the most convenient way to make your tax deductible contribution from either Israel or the USA.

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