Itamar resident arrested after Arab from Awarta attempted to run him over while plowing

Wednesday, May 25 18:34 During the morning hours (Wednesday) Arabs from the town of Awarta, from which came the murderers of the Fogels, hy”d, approached the community of Itamar.
The Arabs came on tractors with a border police escort in order to plow fields adjacent to the community. It should be noted that this is the area from which the murderers of the Fogel family infiltrated Itamar.
Several residents of Itamar came out in order to distance the Arabs from the community and between the two sides a conflict developed during which one of the Arabs driving a tractor attempted to run over one of the residents. According to the Arabs several rocks were thrown at them from the direction of the Jewish residents.
Border policemen arrived at the scene and arrested “M”, the resident of Itamar whom the Arab tractor driver tried to run over. The police claimed that “M” threw a rock at the tractor driver, however he claimed that he raised the rock after the driver started to drive towards him, and that was in order to prevent the driver from running him over. “M” denied that he threw the rock. It should be noted that no action was taken against the Arab driver.
At the end of the investigation at the Ariel police station the police investigators informed Honenu attorney Adi Kedar that “M” will remain in remand for the night, and the following morning the police will decide whether or not to bring him to court.

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