Jew detained on Temple Mount for giving commentary

Sunday, April 17, 2016, 10:00 On the morning of Sunday, April 17, an Jewish man in his 40’s was detained on the Temple Mount after explaining the verse “Ana HaShem hoshia na (Please Lord, save us; Psalms 118:25)” during a talk in English on the Torah portion “Acharei Mot” while speaking to a group.
When policemen heard the words “Ana HaShem”, a police officer approached the speaker and informed him that he was being detained on suspicion of praying. The police officer did not accept his explanation that he was not praying but rather giving an explanation of a Biblical verse to his group. The policemen interrupted him as he spoke in English, removed him from the Temple Mount and detained him. Please see video here. Video credit: Avraham Bloch.
When other visitors on the Temple Mount approached the officer and explained that there had been a misunderstanding, because it was not prayer but rather an explanation that had been said, the officer retorted that, “On the Temple Mount I decide what is prayer.”
Honenu Attorney Rehavia Piltz hurried to the police station in order to give the detainee legal advice.
Honenu: “The conduct of the State of Israel and of the Israeli Police concerning the slightest suspicion of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount is first of all preposterous and additionally a heavy-handed form of discrimination. It is unacceptable for a law-abiding citizen to be detained as if he were a criminal, because he commentated on a verse from the Book of Psalms. In other countries a detention such as this would be classified as antisemitism.”
Please see here for additional, but not all, cases in which Honenu attorneys represented Jews detained on or near the Temple Mount. A list of links is provided.

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