ISA detainees to be brought to court

Monday, April 18, 2016, 12:09 Five ISA detainees are expected to be brought to court in the early afternoon hours of Monday, April 18. Four of the detainees, two of them minors, will be brought a 13:00 to the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court. The other detainee, a soldier, will be brought at the same time to the Yafo Military Court. Honenu Attorneys Chai Haber, Aharon Roza, David HaLevi and Adi Kedar are representing the detainees.
Four out of the five detainees have not met with an attorney since their detention, which for some of them was over two weeks ago. One of the detainees, Shenior Dana, did meet with his attorney and described his experience of violated rights, humiliation, brutality and trampled religious rights. There is still a gag order prohibiting publication of the investigation’s details.
On Friday, April 15, the interrogation of one of the minors was stopped and he was rushed to hospital for medical treatment. Neither his family nor his attorney has received details about his medical condition.
In light of concerns that the detainees are being subjected to unusual pressure and torture – see here for a similar case – and in protest of the order prohibiting them from meeting with an attorney, their families and friends held demonstrations in several locations, among them opposite the residence of Yoram Cohen, the head of the ISA, in Jerusalem on April 6, opposite the residence of Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri in Givat Shmuel on the night of Saturday, April 9, after Shabbat, and opposite courthouses during deliberations.
The families and friends of the detainees intend to protest opposite the Petah Tikva Court House during the Monday, April 18 deliberation.

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