Why weren’t the parents informed?

Monday, April 18, 2016, 15:56 On the afternoon of Monday, April 18, Petah Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Eliana Danieli excoriated the ISA and the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police in light of their conduct on Friday, April 15 when a Jewish minor held by the the ISA felt unwell and was rushed to hospital for medical treatment. The minor has been detained for over a week and is prohibited from speaking to an attorney. See here for more information on the case.
On Friday, April 15 police representatives telephoned parents of the minor and requested their authorization to give their son medical treatment after he felt unwell. The policemen did not specify what had happened to their son and refused to inform the parents of either their son’s medical status or of the medical treatment he received.
Throughout Shabbat and Sunday the parents were left worrying, without being able to know what their son’s status was. Only on Monday morning during a deliberation were they told in court that he had been treated by a doctor and apparently felt better. However neither his parents nor the Honenu Attorney, Aharon Roza, representing him have been allowed to meet with him.
Roza raised the issue during a deliberation on the morning of Monday, April 18 and criticized the conduct of the police and the ISA.
“The parents have not seen their son for a long time and neither has an attorney been able to see him because of an order prohibiting a meeting. What sort of conduct is this when a family is not informed of the status of their minor son’s health after he was evacuated for medical tests and they were not allowed to accompany him to those tests? Under what kind of a regime are we living? “ asked Roza.
Petah Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Eliana Danieli wrote in her decision that its content is permitted for publication: “On Friday [April 15] the minor felt unwell and the interrogating unit requested permission from his parents allowing him to receive medical treatment. The parents gave their consent. However afterwards they were not informed of his medical condition.
“There is no need to point out the worry which grips parents when they do know what the medical condition of their son is after they have been informed that he has suffered from medical distress,” wrote Judge Danieli and expressed hope that if there are such instances in the future, the investigating units will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
The remand of two of the minors brought today (April 18) to a deliberation has been extended by four days. The remand of an adult has been extended by three days. A deliberation on an additional adult and on the soldier will take place later today. Also today the police detained two additional youths, possibly for involvement with the same case.

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