Jew Injured by Arabs then Interrogated by Police

Tues. March 8
Monday night Arab rioters invaded and attacked Alei Eyin, east of Shiloh. A number of Jews sustained head injuries and were taken to the hospital for emergency care. While one was being treated, sewing a very deep gash in his head, a Shabak agent who called himself “Roi” entered and insisted on interrupting the medical care to interrogate the injured Jew. He claimed to be interested in arresting Arabs, but he kept asking about the Jews who had been there. Then Police officer Shmuel Gerbi,, known for his antipathy to “settlers” joined the interrogation, and the injured man realized that they only wanted him to give names of Jews. So he stopped cooperating. After a while the police allowed the doctors to return to their patient. The police also interrogated the injured person’s friend who had just accompanied him to the hospital and wasn’t even around during the attack.
Honenu Attorney Adi Kedar protested that while an injured Jew is getting medical care, the Israeli Police interfere with his treatment instead of searching for those who attacked him.

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