Jewish youths detained in Hevron

Wednesday, December 26, 11:38 The Hevron Police detained Jewish youths on suspicion of spilling cola on an Arab youth. Honenu asks, “Where are the Hevron Police when Jewish girls are harassed by Arabs?”
On Tuesday, December 25, during the afternoon policemen from the Hevron Police detained two Jewish youths near the Avraham Aveinu neighborhood after informing them that their car was suspecting of being involved in an assault a short while ago. The two detainees were taken to the Hevron Police Station where during their interrogation were told, to their great surprise, that the assault of which they are accused is spilling a cola drink on an Arab.
According to the complaint received by the police a cola drink was spilled onto an Arab pedestrian from the detainees’ car as it traveled between Kiryat Arba and Hevron. The Arab claiming to have been assaulted by a spilled cola hurried to the police station and filed a complaint on the incident.
Under interrogation the two detainees denied the charges. Later they were placed in a police line-up in which the Arab “identified” one of the detainees as the one who had spilled cola on him. The detainee who was identified was taken into custody and the other was released. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar is handling the case.
Honenu is surprised at the decisiveness of the Hevron Police. “It is a shame that we do not see the same decisiveness when rocks are thrown at Jewish cars or moreover when Jewish girls are harassed by Arabs in Hevron. Apparently the awareness of the need to “defeat Jewish terror” instilled by the political echelons and the media has filtered down well to the Israeli Police.”

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