Jewish youths detained in Shimon HaTzadik

Sunday, February 13, 2022, 18:41 On Sunday, February 13, two Jewish youths were detained in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood of Jerusalem when they came to support the Yoshvaev family, whose house was torched on Shabbat. One of the youths was detained after he defended himself from a mob of Arabs who were attacking him with clubs and chairs. The other youth was detained near the neighborhood for a reason that is currently unclear. Honenu Attorney Daniel Shimshilashvili assisted the detainees at the police station.

After interrogation, one of the detainees was released and the other is expected to be released within a few hours. At the police station, one of the policemen threatened to shock one of the detainees with a taser if he did not remove his tzitzit. Shimshilashvili intervened and warned the policeman that his demand was illegal.

Shimshilashvili: “Today, two youths whose only ‘crime’ was coming to the assistance of a family suffering from daily terrors were detained. During their stay with the Yoshvaev family, while they were standing on private property, the youths were attacked by a mob of Arabs wielding clubs. The youths defended themselves, and then found themselves detained at the police station. It is regrettable that the genuine criminals were left behind while the victims were handcuffed.

“The police conduct during this incident can be summed up by the intolerable ease with which a detainee being held at a police station was threatened by a policeman that if he dared to refuse to remove his tzitzit he would be shocked with a taser. It is a good thing that Honenu is here to ensure that the rights of detainees, which are trampled time after time, far from the public eye, are maintained.”

Since Operation Guardian of the Walls, the Yoshvaev family has suffered 17 acts of terror including nine vehicular arson attacks, two Molotov cocktails thrown at their house, an array of fireworks launched at their yard, and many bottles of paint thrown at their car. For more details, see here and here .

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