J’lem Pride March: Over 20 Jews detained due to their religious appearance

Honenu has represented many citizens whose fundamental rights, including freedom of expression and freedom of protest, have been violated with regard to pride marches. Please click here for a list of relevant posts.

Thursday, June 2, 2022, 20:59 As of this posting, Honenu’s headquarters has received reports of 24 detainees throughout Jerusalem. None of them committed any crime, some of them were on their way to a legal demonstration protesting the pride march taking place in the city, and some of them were detained only because of their religious appearance.

The police stationed detectives at the Hizme Crossing at the entrance to Jerusalem and detained Jews entering the city for no reason other than their religious appearance. All of the detainees have been taken to various police stations in Jerusalem for interrogation.

Honenu Attorney Daniel Shimshilashvili is assisting the detainees. Shimshilashvili: “We are at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court. We came to file an urgent request with the court to order the Jerusalem Police to immediately release all of the people who were detained solely due to their appearance and not because of a criminal violation. The Jerusalem Pride March is currently being held and therefore the police are carrying out wholesale detentions. There are detainees at police stations through no fault of their own. We are going to file an urgent request with the court to hold an expedited hearing. From there I am going to hurry to the police station to advise the detainees and work towards their quick and unconditional release.”

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