Pride March Protest Cases

Honenu pamphlet summarizing relevant cases

Honenu has represented many citizens whose fundamental rights to freedom of expression and freedom of protest have been violated with regard to pride marches. Please see below posts about some of the cases.
January 24, 2022: Police to compensate for false detention on Pride March day
September 5, 2021: J’lem resident sues over false detention during Pride March
August 18, 2021: Another youth compensated over detention at J’lem Pride March
August 17, 2021: Police to compensate youth over false detention at J’lem Pride March
July 27, 2021: Ra’anana resident compensated over false detention during Pride March
July 8, 2021: Complaint filed over Tel Aviv Pride March detentions

Pride March detention; Photo credit: Free use

June 23, 2021: Pro-LGBT campaign posters hung on police station wall
June 6, 2021: 2021 Jerusalem Pride March detentions – Update
June 3, 2021: 2021 Jerusalem Pride March detentions
June 2, 2021: “A Test of Freedom: False Detentions During Pride Month Events”
May 3, 2021: Youth to be compensated over false detention during Pride March
November 8, 2020: Youths compensated over false detention before Pride March
September 22, 2020: Victim of mistaken identity to receive compensation

“Dad and Mom are not numbers!”

July 9, 2020: Complaint filed over violations of Pride March opponents’ rights
June 28, 2020: Baseless detentions in Jerusalem on day of Pride March
January 30, 2020: Brutally detained Pride March protesters sue police
October 3, 2019: Victim of mistaken identity sues police
August 15, 2019: Mistaken identity led to detention, distancing order
November 9, 2016: Youth detained for six month old Facebook post

Honenu flier in support of the printing house

July 21, 2016: 55-year-old man detained over Facebook post opposing Pride March
July 20, 2016: Police give teacher warning in middle of night

See here for a related case in which printing house owners appealed to the Be’er Sheva District Court regarding a ruling which obligates them to compensate Israel’s LGBT Task Force over refusal to print material which violates the owners’ beliefs

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