Shimon HaTzadik resident attacked by anarchist

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Monday, January 24, 2022, 21:05 Yossi Tavdioglo, an anarchist with the Hozeh Hadash organization, threw boiling-hot coffee at Shimon HaTzadik resident Tal Yoshvaev in his yard during rioting on Friday, January 21. The assault was documented by security cameras.

Security camera clip courtesy of Yoshvaev: “He injured me. There was coffee all over me.”

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing Yoshvaev, sent a letter to the Shalem Police Station, demanding that the assailant be detained and brought to trial. In the letter, Bleicher described the incident:

The attack occurred on Friday, January 21, very close to the onset of Shabbat. On that day, dozens of anarchists and Arabs rioted near Yoshvaev’s house and caused great damage to a fence enclosing a lot under private Jewish ownership.

After the rioting was over, Yoshvaev went to the lot, and then the suspect, identified as Yossi Tavdioglo, ran towards him and threw boiling-hot coffee at him from a cup in his hand. My client’s clothes were stained by the coffee and the heat of the beverage burned him.

Miraculously, the boiling-hot drink did not touch his exposed face, which could have easily been seriously injured. The entire incident was recorded by security cameras and Yoshvaev filed a complaint with the police, who detained the suspect.

Attacking someone with a boiling-hot beverage constitutes a serious assault, particularly when it is motivated by a political-nationalistic struggle. I demand that the suspect be detained until the end of proceedings and that everything possible be done to indict him for serious charges. He must stand trial for his actions.

In related incidents, Tal Yoshvaev was attacked and cursed by a large group of threatening assailants in broad daylight when he went to throw out garbage, and since Operation Guardian of the Walls (May 2021), the Yoshvaev family has suffered sixteen attacks, including eight car torchings, two Molotov cocktail attacks, an array of fireworks launched at the family’s yard, and many instances of bottles of paint thrown at the family’s car. In December 2021, Honenu Attorney Ofir Steiner sent a letter to the Shalem Police Station on behalf of Yoshvaev, expressing the demand to return a suspect of vehicular arson to remand in light of a declaration that he made of his desire to die as a shahid (martyr).

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