Kerem Shalom Crossing detainees released

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom; Photo credit: Honenu

Thursday, February 1, 2024, 12:14 The Be’er Sheva Magistrates Court released four protesters who were detained yesterday (Wednesday) at the Kerem Shalom Crossing demonstrating against humanitarian aid trucks entering the Gaza Strip. At the police station, the protesters refused to agree to restraining orders banning them from the crossing for 15 days. They were brought to court, where the police requested approval of the restraining orders. The court rejected the request, released them, and banned them from the crossing for only two days. Honenu Attorney Nati Rom is representing the protesters.

Attorney Rom: “My clients refused to agree to a restraining order banning them for 15 days from the Kerem Shalom Crossing where trucks bringing aid pass into the Gaza Strip. At a hearing this morning, the police asked for a 28-day restraining order, which is a completely baseless request, and we have not seen such requests at other protests. We are pleased that the court rejected the police request and ruled that they would be banned from the closed military zone for only two days, as are all Israeli citizens.”

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