Liens imposed on terrorists’ PA salaries

Hodaya Nechama Asoulin, Hy''d; Photo credit: Courtesy of the family

Hodaya Nechama Asoulin, Hy”d; Photo credit: Courtesy of the family

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 13:23 Following a suit filed by the Asoulin family against the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization the process of implementation has begun with the aim of transferring funds from the terrorists who murdered Hodaya Nechama Asoulin to the family. A lien order of hundreds of thousands of shekels has been issued to the Palestinian Authority, which pays the salaries of the terrorists who carried out the attack in Jerusalem in which Hodaya Nechama Asoulin, Hy”d, was injured on March 23, 2011. Hodaya was sitting at a bus stop outside of the ICC building in Jerusalem when a bomb placed by a terror cell exploded. She was seriously injured and remained comatose until she succumbed to her injuries on November 22, 2017. British tourist Mary Jane Gardner was murdered at the scene and 67 people, including Hodaya, were injured. Additional lien orders have been issued against the Israeli Prison Service for the funds which are paid to the prison canteen by the Palestinian Authority for use by the terrorists.
In the suit filed by the Asoulin family against the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, following the disclosure of the salaries transferred every month to terrorists who are serving time in prison for murder, the court ruled that the terrorists are obligated to compensate the family. Currently the enforcement of the verdict and the collection of the funds, including imposing liens on the salaries and on the funds paid to the prison canteen, has begun.

Lien order, first page

Lien order, first page

According to the order, the Palestinian Authority is obligated to transfer the monthly salaries of the terrorists directly to the Asoulin family until the sum of 583,598 NIS is reached. Other than the salaries that the Palestinian Authority transfers to the terrorists there are sums earmarked for purchases in the prison canteen, which the Israeli Prison Service is also obligated to transfer to the Asoulin family until the above-mentioned sum is reached.
Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado, who is representing the Asoulin family, stated: “Behind the reality of the difficult security situation in the State of Israel, there are individuals and families. Justice demands that the hundreds of thousands of shekels which are paid as salaries to terrorists be diverted to cover the damages awarded by the court to the families of murder victims, and not to benefit murderers imprisoned in Israel.
“For this reason, we must act with all means possible to seize the funds and transfer them to the families. The main goal of the lien on the canteen stipends is to reduce the level of the overly comfortable conditions of terrorists in Israeli prisons, which are intolerable.”
During the legal proceedings the sum of the salaries transferred to the terrorists by the Palestinian Authority was revealed as being over 1,500,000 NIS. Thousands of shekels are transferred every month to each murderer. A monthly salary for an individual terrorist can be as high as 8,000 NIS, and over 20,000 NIS in total are transferred every month to the terrorists. Additionally, according to Palestinian law, each convicted prisoner receives 400 NIS every month from the Palestinian Authority for use in the prison canteen.
Hodaya’s parents filed a suit for bodily damage and punitive compensation for an act of terror. They described how she suffered in a coma from the day of the injury until she died, and set the sum of compensation at 60 million NIS.
In 2018 the Asoulin family demanded a retrial for the terrorists who were convicted of carrying out the attack.

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