Magistrate Court ordered release of last two Ramat Migron detainees

Sunday, June 17, 20:52 Court maintains position: Jews are permanent residents of Ramat Migron

The Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered the release of the last two detainees detained last night in Ramat Migron. One of the detainees who claimed that she is a permanent resident of the outpost was allowed to return to the site. Both women were unconditionally released, Honenu reports.

The first nine detainees from last night’s incident in Ramat Migron were released at the police station after more than ten hours of waiting and interrogation. Today (Sunday) Judge Avraham Rubin ordered the release of the last two detainees from the incident. Concerning the police demand of a restraining order banning them from the site, the judge ruled that applicability of the order depends on whether or not the women are residents of the site. Residents are exempted from the closed military zone order. The judge accepted the claim of one of the women that she is a resident of the site and ordered her release, including permission to return to the outpost.

Concerning the second detainee the judge ordered her released, but because she did not claim permanent residency at the site, the closed military zone order is applicable to her. Honenu attorney David HaLevi represented the detainees.

This court ruling is a continuation of the previous rulings of the Jerusalem Magistrate and District Courts, according to which Jews can be considered permanent residents of a site and therefore exempted from the closed military zone order.

The police requested an appeal to the Supreme Court on the ruling of the district court.

A deliberation will take place on the matter in the Supreme Court on Thursday of this week

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