Two minors detained at yesterday’s Jerusalem demonstration released

Monday, June 18, 15:29 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered the release of the two minors detained yesterday at a demonstration protesting the planned destruction of the Ulpana Neighborhood in Beit El, Honenu reports. They were detained on suspicion of blocking one of the entry roads to Jerusalem.
Yesterday throughout the day several demonstrations against the planned destruction of the Ulpana Neighborhood took place in several locations throughout Israel. In Jerusalem a demonstration took place at one of the entrances to the city. Several demonstrators blocked an entry road, causing traffic jams at the site. Policemen at the demonstration detained two minors on suspicion of involvement with blocking the road.
The two detainees were taken to the detention center at the Russian Compound where they spent the night.
This afternoon they were brought to a deliberation at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court before Judge Irit Cohen at the demand of the police to extend their remand by three days. The Honenu attorney handling their case pleaded before the court that their actions were not cause to extend their remand and not even for house arrest. The attorney also pleaded that the conditions under which the detainees were kept violated their rights being as they were transported unnecessarily handcuffed and they were not allowed to have an adult of their choosing present during interrogation as is required by law.
The judge accepted the pleas and ordered that the two detainees be released on condition that they not participate in protests at the entrance of the city for a period of 14 days.

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