Media spin failed, detainees released

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 14:35 At their first deliberation, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court ordered the release of two out of three of the youths who were detained on Sunday, June 18, as they were walking through the HaHoma HaShlishit neighborhood of Jerusalem. Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Miriam (Mika) Banki extended the remand of the third detainee and mentioned that she doubts that there are grounds for his detention and added that if an alternative to detention had been presented his release would have been considered. The third youth is expected to be released soon.
During the court deliberations the police tried to present the situation as if the youths were on their way to committing a “price tag” crime. The Jerusalem Magistrate and District Court judges rejected that scenario and already during the first deliberation ordered the release of two of the youths. The third youth, who did not present an alternative to remand, remains in remand.
Honenu Attorney David HaLevi, who is representing the youths: “The detention was for show-trial purposes. The police are trying to make headlines out of nothing. There was nothing and there is nothing. Two of the suspects have already been released and the third is on the way to being released. The facts speak for themselves.”
HaLevi added, “It would be best if the police invested their time in solving genuine crimes instead of investing energy in false detentions. Unfortunately the police conducts itself illegally, systematically violating the law. In an attempt to make headlines and promote itself the police chose to publicize evidence from the investigation, including a photograph of minors, violating their rights and intending to disgrace them. We will use all legal means available to counteract this conduct.”
Honenu: “When the courts did not give the desired ruling, the police resorted to media spins”

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