Detainee fainted, denied medical care for 3 hours

Monday, June 26, 2017, 19:35 During a deliberation which took place on Monday, June 26, at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court, Judge Keren Miller rejected a police demand and ordered the release of the three detainees from the Sunday, June 25 demonstration held when a structure was evacuated in Yitzhar. Police brutality during the incident included the hurling of stun grenades into a group of people.
The police demanded that the three detainees be distanced from Yitzhar for one month. However Judge Miller ordered them distanced only from the focal points of the demonstration and released them on bail. Judge Miller mentioned in her decision that the conduct of the police had been inappropriate and that the detainees could have already been released after their interrogation at the police station the previous day.
During the deliberation it turned out that immediate medical treatment was denied to one of the detainees who had lost consciousness due to police brutality during his detention. The police allowed a MADA team to enter the police station only three hours later and the police initially refused to follow the team’s recommendation to evacuate the detainee to hospital. Several hours later the police evacuated the detainee to hospital for examination.
Rock-throwing, despite the report from an IDF spokesman, was not attributed to the detainees, who were interrogated on suspicion of assaulting policemen and participating in the disturbance.
Honenu Attorney Nati Rom: “We are pleased that the court accepted our opinion and released the detainees without distancing them from Yitzhar. The police demanded a 30-day distancing order, and the court ordered a release without distancing, not even for one day were they distanced. The court even ruled that the conduct of the police in this instance was inappropriate and there were grounds to release the defendants the same day from the police station. Additionally the court leveled criticism at the conduct of the Israeli Police during the deliberation. In the middle of the deliberation the police representative hand-wrote their demands and did not submit them in an organized and timely manner. We are pleased with the court’s decision.”

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