Memorial service for Avi Ben-Tzion, Hy”d, to be held on Wednesday

Monday, December 29, 2014, 11:18 At the close of 30 days since the murder of Avi

Avi Ben-Tzion was murdered

Avi Ben-Tzion was murdered
The nationalistic motive will not be covered-up

Ben-Tzion, Hy”d, a Jewish farmer from Moshav Netiv HaGedud in the Jordan Valley, at the Migdalim (Alon) Intersection in the Shomron, his family will hold a memorial service with the participation of public figures on Wednesday, December 31.
Ben-Tzion’s family is leading a campaign to have the motive for his murder recognized as nationalistic and invited additional families who suffered a cover-up of a loved one’s murder by the authorities, including the families of Netanel Arami, Hy”d and Shelly Dadon, Hy”d.
The memorial service will begin at 14:00 at the Migdalim Intersection, the site of murder. After representatives of the family, Knesset Members and other public figures speak, a caravan of cars will drive to the cemetery in the Jordan Valley for the gravestone unveiling.
“We feel as though we are bringing Avi back home,” says Niva Ben-Zion, Avi’s widow. “We are completing Avi’s journey which was cruelly interrupted when he was prevented from coming home.”
On Sunday, December 21, the family held a press conference at which they announced the start of a public and legal campaign, with the assistance of Honenu, to have the murder recognized as nationalistically motivated.
Photo: One of the signs hung by the family throughout the Jordan Valley, Text on sign: Avi Ben-Tzion was murdered. The nationalistic motive will not be covered-up.

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